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Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Political Life

Do you remember any uh, newspapers around the house that, that uh, your family read?

Yeah, the Jewish newspaper. He read the Jewish newspaper, Jewish newspaper. And I myself read Polish books.

Do you remember anything uh, ever, ever hear your family talk about politics?

Never. 'Cause I was just the oldest in the house.


And, uh...

Do you remember anything about the Zionist that was mentioned?

The Zionist--you're gonna go to Israel, or you just hope to go to Israel, but never, never nobody can go to Israel. Like I say, I mean, when it was holidays, it was holidays. It was holidays, like Yom Kippur. Like I say, it was Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur was real, real hard. My mother was crying, begging God, you know...


...your father. And they was all crying. Later with what to cry, but they always were crying. Yom Kippur everybody, you know, the bentschen the kinder.


Everybody have Yom Kippurs, you remember? I don't know--not here.


Everybody have a chicken. Everybody have to, to say the prayer, for shlog'n kippur.

Did you remember anybody ever talking about the Bund?

No, we don't belong to this. We were all Zionist. My father were--he took like Jewish--Yiddish hitel always. With a kaftan to Shabbos. He always went to the synagogue. My all brothers used to go with him. With the tallih in the hand.

You said that you were all Zionists. Did, did you talk, did you talk about going to Israel? Did you uh, do you know anybody that went to Israel?

We talk, but we never--nobody ever went.

Nobody went.

We talk, just we talk--Meshiach vet kumen you know, we just talked, you know.

Okay, all right.

Like my father, my oldest brother they came over and they were talking. 'Cause uh, Meshiach you know, they all believing uh, coming Meshiach and they're going to go.

Did, uh...


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