Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Life with Uncle

Okay, did they have any uh, did your family--let's talk about your uncle's family because that's where you lived...


...uh, when you were older. Uh, did they have any political affiliations?

No, he just--my father--my, my uncle was, my uncle was a shoemaker. He was a shoemaker...


...and he had--he was having our own shoemaker, you know. He was making shoes--how you call. It was not business like here, you go in and buy.


You went in and order shoes, you went in and order shoes. And over there was working my--my husband was working there. He was working--a few boys, you know, like...

Did they have one little store?

A little store--a little shop...

A little shop.

...how you call, a little shop.


My father was the main. He made like to order shoes. Like to order and fix shoes.

So I would come in and I'd order a pair shoes...


...and he'd make it for me. Okay.

Yeah, he'd make it.

Or I'd bring in my old shoes, he'd fix it.



Most make new shoes.

Okay. Uh...

Was working about four or five people for him. I mean, younger boys they came in and they learn how to work and they work over there.

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