Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Life in Minkowice Before the War

Okay. Um, do you remember--what do you remember about your town that you lived in? Do you remember...

My town was a small town. When I grew up I was 'til--when I grew up in '38, 1938 because '39 was the war. 1938 I left to Lublin.


I left to Lublin. I was with my uncle in Lublin.

You weren't living with your parents?

For a year, '38, '39. My mother's brother--I went to Lublin.

Okay, so your parents stayed where?

In Minkowice. My parents stay in Minkowice.

I see. And, uh...

My father was, my father was, I mean uh, having a fruit store. Fruit. He was having business in fruits.

Ah, like a grocery store, a little.

No he was, I mean, we were buying big, big--like I mean. How you call it here? I forgot here, how you call here--business and we were handle 'em in Lublin--in stores, you know. The fruit store.


And we had a little farm too.

Oh, you had a little farm. Where your parents lived they had a little farm.


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