Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982


You have aunts and uncles then uh, back, back in Poland.

No, I have--my father had a few brothers and sisters and all my cousins was there.

About how many cousins would you say?

About twenty cousins, you know I remember...


...twenty cousins.


And they all live around--next to Lublin, all around. Like Bełżyce, Krasnik, Minkowice.


They live in Lublin. Like my uncle lives in Lublin. And then...

Okay, how many uncles did you have?

Uncles on both side.


Uncles from my father's side and from my mother's side.

Do you remember how many?

My mother's side was uh, two brothers and one sister.

Your father's side?

My father's side was about three brothers and a sister.

Quite a large family.


Mh-hm. What did your father do uh, before the war?

My father before the war he used to, he u...my father before the war he used to be a--I got it in Polish, Polish, not English.

Well, say it in Polish and then whoever's doing the--listening to the tape maybe they'll know.


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