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Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Mother Deported to Treblinka

And the children?

Yeah. Because my mother came in--my mother they took to Treblinka. When they came there was a lot, a lot of trains, like for five thousand people trains. And they put them like eighty, hundred, how much can go in. I was not by the train there but the neighbors came out--the Polish people. And they went by the train and they saw my mother with my brother and, and when they came back and they say, "Luba, Luba never your mother gonna see." Because she--when they walked in, was some kind poison. They choke right away themselves. And they took the trains away to Treblinka. All the trains went to Treblinka and they took out the people were gassed and they came for other people.

Who gave them? Did the people take the poison--people themselves, or did...

No, no, no, no...

...the Germans?

...it was on the train already the people.


It was right in the train something put in. When they come in...

Ah, I underst...

...they say the first time they started '41. Later they have, I mean when they came to the train something was in the train, right away they start to choking. Until they went to Treblinka they were already dead. Because they were dead, they just took the people out and threw out and they came for other one. This was already, in '41 before, before Yontif. Before '41. This was right after Rosh Ha...Sukkot '41.

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