Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Fate of Family

How long were you in the ghetto there? How long were you staying there?

I was staying--I was not staying in the ghetto but I was staying like in the farm. I was in the farm. And we got--the third day we couldn't go out. They German were watching all over. And then my brother run away. All the young people start to run away. When the third day, they started to, to take it out all the sick people and all the mothers and the small children. To the--they started to take it out to the train.

Now was your family--where was your family at this time?

My mother, that's what's happened. My mother, you know they tooked out all the women with the small kids.


How you call them--the orphan. They came with the--they came right away with the, with the, how you call, dol...the big, the big autos. They came with big autos the whole German SS and then Ukrainian came with the big autos. And everybody had to go out on the mark, how you call.


Right away took away all the mothers and the kids and the older people.

This was in the ghetto now when they came.

They came from the ghetto and they took out...


...and all right away they all right away in the trains. They put in the trains like eighty people in the trains. They took to the train. And the train was already like a some--when you come in you right away you took something and you were dead.


Poison. They put some poison right away in.

Who put the poison?

The Germans. Right away.

To the mothers?

Yeah. And they came in...

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