Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Jewish Section Becomes a Ghetto

How was it formed? I mean, what did they do, did they build a wall--how did--what did they do?


When they formed the ghetto, how was it built? What was it like?

I was still--I left. I just--they put in all in the houses. They tooked out the Polish people from this ghetto, they put the Polish people here and they put all the Jews in one place.

Okay. But you didn't go with the rest of the Jews. I see.

No, no. They put it all in one place. And the youngster they start to take away to work. The young kids they start away--took--start away--took away to work. The young kids, like mine age. Eighteen, sixteen, thirteen. They tooked away to work. They didn't let go anymore the Jewish kid to school.

All right. Did your uncle go in the ghetto?

Yeah, my uncle, my aunt and two kids went to the ghetto--three kids, went to the ghetto.

Okay, but you...

He had over there in the ghetto used to live her mother. So they moved in, in one house, maybe five, five, six people. They took all to the ghetto, all in the room. Didn't build a special ghetto. All in the houses with the ghetto they took them all. There was no place to stay, no place to sleep. They took all the kids in.

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