Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Start of Jewish Section

Okay. So after that happened, what did you do?

After that happened they left...


...and then the Russian came in and already a lot, a lot who could, I mean, left with them. But they came in, there there was ???. It was already like, I mean, wintertime--middle winter. This was already start to be like '40, I mean. Thirty-nine finished at that time. They were all ???. And they start uh, like the Jewish to put on like ??? and took out all the Jews, the Jews, like from the house in snow uh, snow and they were in what I mean. Right away they start with the Jews. There was this time we were all still living in the houses.

Okay, go on.

All the living in the houses. When start springtime--in the summertime, they all start to make ghettoes. They start to make ghettoes. And they tooked out from the sections--from the Polish section, they make a Jewish section. And they all take out from the, the kids and the women, everybody. They used to live three, four families in a house in summertime. And then after they done this, I left because I couldn't go out. They were searching for Jews. But I had a Polish, you know, I were looking like a Polish and I was--went out, you know, and I left like on a train. They don't know if I'm Jewish if not...

All right now, what...

...when I left home to Minkowice and I left home.

Now before you left the uh, the area that you were living in became a ghetto, right.

Yeah. No, not this area...

Oh okay.

...uh, the Jewish area.

Oh they moved you out, then and you...

This--they moved out. They moved out everything. They tooked everything away from my uncle. Took--he had a lots of letters, but they think they going to make business. They left--they tooked everything away. They tooked all--was not--this time was no--it was not--no ghetto--they just put in everybody in the ghetto.

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