Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982

Religious Life

What was your family's religious practice?

Uh, very religious.

Can you describe a Sabbath celebration for me?

It was beautiful. Father came home Friday noon. I already knew when he's coming. I used to run a mile ahead just to greet him, I should be the first one to greet him. Beautiful. My mother got up five in the morning, started to cook and the baking. Never st...the cooking and the baking never stopped until almost Shabbos came in. Our house was always full of strangers. There was always a open door for anybody that wanted to come in. Matter of fact, when the Jews were already in forced labor, I remembered that if an...if a Jew was, was looking for a house, for a Shabbos evening, for a Friday night house, it was al...our house was always pointed out. And my mother and father said there's always room for one more. And it was, it was beautiful. Shabbos. Family was always together-- large family. Like I say, it was a beautiful Shabbos with the children playing in the ba...in the outside. Couldn't be more beautiful.

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