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Mala Weintraub Dorfman - September 15, 2005


I, I seem to remember you had uh, a summer cottage that you used to...

We didn't own it, we rented, we rented it.

During the summer.

Yeah, on the summer. My mother took us out there. And...

And your father would stay in Łódź.

Yes, he would. He would come out on the we... on weekends, he would come out, yeah.

So, what did you do there?

Nothing, we played around. We were young when we are going there. When we're older we didn't go anymore. We played around, I don't know. We went to the, to the lake there and that's what we did. My mother baked and cooked for Shabbos, and there, there was a big oven. I remember she always cooked, baked for us for Shabbos when my father came.


Challah, the cakes ???

And during the year, what would you do for fun, just to...

We really didn't do much...


...because, uh... We went to the, we were going to school and then just before the war we decided, maybe w... my, my father had a certificate to go to Israel, so he want us to learn how to sew. So, we used to go down uh, below us, there was a woman with a sewing machine, so she taught me how to sew on a machine. But the play there, ball... To a movie we didn't go. We went to the park, went for a walk, but most time we were around the house, we were playing ball.

Last time we talked, you told me you saw The Dybbuk.

Oh yes, I did see The Dybbuk. In fact, she was speaking about it, about The Dybbuk when I was there Monday. Yes, I did see it, yeah.

So, that was a Polish movie, well, Yiddish movie.

The Dybbuk. No.


The one that spoke?

No, the, the movie itself.

Yeah, sure, sure, it was in Yiddish. Yeah, The Dybbuk, yeah.

So, it must have been a Yiddish...

Yes, it was a Yiddish. I remember it was in... The only time I went to a theater. No, I shouldn't say. When Molly Picon came I saw it too.

In person?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But we didn't go much to, to theater or to a movies, no.

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