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Clara Dan - July 1, 1982


Well maybe, I can start, we can--I can ask you questions and we'll...


we'll see if we can follow through. Let me get some more information about your, your home life. Um, what kind of education did you have? I mean, were you in...

I have uh, I majored in music. I'm a piano major. And uh, I had a high school graduation and from high school I went to the conservatory of music. And uh, while I was taking lessons, I tutored young children whom I got from my own teacher. And uh, I was--besides the conservatory I had uh, private lessons because I was getting ready to be accepted to the academy.

Were you um, was all your education in the public schools or did you have Jewish education?

No, no, no. I went--I had private Jewish education. Uh, I had a--I went to public school and my sister went to private schools. And no, I had all over. The music school was private because uh, the conservatory was a state-funded place, but then I had private uh, lessons because I was getting ready to be accepted to the Franz Liszt Academy but... [inaudible whispering] But then it came the numerus clausus. I'm sure you know ???

The clausus.

exploited that men that uh, I think it was six percent for Jews. So I was rejected. And uh, then I was uh, able to maybe to be accepted to a smaller academy, a private in Budapest. But I never made it because I was taken to the concentration camp. And yes. So. And uh, I had a sister who is still teaching. Lives in Israel.

Also music?


Was music everybody in your family interested in music?

No, not really. No really, just I had wonder...wonderful parents. [cries]

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