Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Clara Dan - July 1, 1982


How many people were in your family, I mean your immediate family?

Taken to camp or at home?

No, at home.

Oh, three kids, had three children and uh, my mother and father.

All girls?

Two girls and one boy.

And what, were you the, what, the oldest?

I was the youngest one.

The youngest.

I was the youngest one. And my brother was taken in the labor camp in 1941 was uh, he was married and live in uh, Kolozsvár, in Cluj. And uh--that's where my husband comes from--and uh, he was taken into labor camp and off to Russia. And uh, he left his wife, two little children at home. And uh, this was in '41 when my brother was taken, all right. And uh, my sister-in-law with her family from Kolozsvár were taken in labor camp after we were taken. But we were not in the same place. So I really didn't know anything what happened with his family. And all I know is that after we were liberated, which was '45 April 15 in Bergen-Belsen...

That was April 15, 1945.

Forty-five. I heard that my brother is still living in Russia. And uh, I was in different concentration camps with my sister from Auschwitz. As I told you the 27 or 29th of May we were taken into Auschwitz. Okay? And uh, I was in Auschwitz, this was '44, and I was in Auschwitz the...

[interruption in interview]

...the last uh, group of people taken from uh, Auschwitz, Birkenau before the Russians came in. And from there I went to... Oh, I went through hell like all the rest.

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