Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982


So you've been here ever since?

Since 1949. Since 1949 and since I'm here I got into the dry cleaning business. I work for the same cleaners for twenty years. And then I went in on my own. And uh, I left my business about a year ago.

And you have one daughter.

And I have one daughter who has managed to get two grandchildren and her husband is a doctor and they just moved to, to uh, Florida. And they're very happy. As a matter of fact we are going down there for three months in January.


They are very happy and satisfied. We have--can't complain. Except illness or dying--otherwise I really cannot complain. I am very, very happy and satisfied with my family and the way we live.

Do you have any comments or conclusions or feelings that you--about the whole experience--about the war--about...?

As far as, as far as my comments are concerned, all I can tell you Kay that we are all getting older. I'm already sixty-seven years old--I'm sixty-six actually. In January I'll be sixty-seven years old. This will never, never, never happen again. And I tell you right now that if anybody would come into my house like they did over there, and they just ordered you to get out and they took you to a concentration camp or whatever, it will never happen again. Somebody else will have to die before I do. I won't tell you to kill me but somebody else will die for sure before I get killed. Those are my only comments, that I have that this will never, never, never happen again and I hope that everybody who lived through this experience have the same feelings and feel exactly the same way as I do about it.

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