Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Getting Married

You didn't know that she was alive.

No, I didn't have the slightest idea. I didn't know anything about anybody. So naturally I took her off the train and she came along with me. I had my own car at that time already--I was a big shot, you know. I took them in the embassy where the beautiful living quarter over there and they just couldn't get over it, you know, really were very impressed. We went out and bought more kinds of clothing--whatever we could get, you know. It was really something. And then in uh, in November--the beginning of November we decided that we are going to go home because we wanted to get married. You know, they stayed there with us, and uh, by train--no by car, I had a car. And uh, we drove home all the way--my sister and I, and Clara and another friend who was again from concentration camp. And we all went together and we went home and one of her aunts--of Clara's aunts--her mother's sister was alive. And she escaped from concentration camp. She came back home. And uh, we moved into a house and she already was waiting for us, you know, and we--after we got married in January--the middle of January--we got married in December--the 2nd of December. And then we went to Bucharest for a couple of weeks and then we came back and we decided we are going to go back because we didn't want to stay in Ro...Romania under no circumstances. I went back to Czechoslovakia to try--and at this point unfortunately the whole story was already changed because the Romanian delegation came in and there were some anti-Semites really who were Jew-haters and they told us, "What right do we have to stay here?" and you know, we started all that laundry business. And then we decided that we had enough of this and we went across to, to Germany and we went to Munich and we lived in Munich until 1949. And that was the time when we finally got our visa and came to the United States.

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