Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Assistance from Peasants

Now as far as the food is concerned, some of them had a loaf of bread and there were a lot of peasants who ran away from home themselves and they were there with their--they brought their cows along and, you know, and they gave us a little milk and they gave us a little bread and we were kept alive in there for three days. And after six days, two Hungarian peasants walked by there and we didn't know, you know, because we were hiding in, in the forest and we saw them--we are come and get 'em. We didn't know who they are and we went over. I had a gun--one of the guns, you know, was in my hands. And we went over and we stopped them and we told them that, "You tell us where you are going, otherwise we are going to kill you because you, you know where we are and we want to know exactly who you are and what you do." So they told us that the Russian army is right here in ??? and they sent us to find out whether there are any prisoners hidden around here because they don't want to get killed, you know, unnecessarily and that's why they sent these two peasants just to find out these parts. And they knew who we were, you know, they didn't know that we are there, you know, but they knew that uh, we are Jews and so on. So they told us that, "If you want to go to the Russians, the Russians are right there, just a couple of miles away from there."

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