Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Cymerath - June 8, 1982


Do you know about any political activity in the, in your town? Or was anybody in your family a member of the Bund, a...

No, we never mixed in uh, that type of, uh, no way. Because it was a religious family. You know, religious people didn't believe in those organizations.

What about Polish politics? Did your father ever talk about what's going on in Poland?

No, no. Never. Never mixed into politics because it was just, it would be a waste because a Jew, very few Jews, you know, belonged to the Polish--you could--maybe one in a city was in that government, as a councilman. I remember one person because he had a bank and uh, because of his prestige, you know, he got in. But otherwise, no chance.

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