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Simon Cymerath - June 8, 1982

Friday Nights

When--tell me something. What, what would a uh, Friday night be like in your house?

Friday night was strict Shabbat. Shabbos, you know, we didn't go with--the store was closed on Shabbos. We went Friday night to shul, we came home and my father made Kiddush and we all ate, the whole family. And the same thing uh, Saturday. Saturday morning we went to shul, came home twelve o'clock, and we ate dinner. And uh, in the evening was like uh ??? you know. We had, that the Shabbos is over on--like Oneg Shabbat, you know. Shabbat is over then uh, is, in the evening, is like you drink a little wine and, and uh, we, we light a candle.


Havdalah, yeah.

Would you have just your immediate family in the house or would...

Just, just the immediate family. The only time we invited uh, like uh, to seder, you know, somebody didn't have a family. We got together, you know, two, three families and we made seder, you know, in each house. One night in our house and uh, the next time in the other family's house, you know, exchanged.

Were you a close family?

Very close, very close. I had a grandmother, she was about a hundred and four years old--I'll never forget that. She couldn't see, but each child when we came there to her house Saturday--I'll never forget--she recognized each child by the voice. She said the names, you know. She, she couldn't see. She was ninety-four years old. When she died she was hundred and five.

When did she die?

She died maybe two years--she died in 1937.

Before the war.

Two years before, of old age.

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