Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982


In Prague.

in Prague. And that time already he was out and took off my sister from the transport, she shouldn't go home.


We didn't know already what it was going on. And then we're supposed to go back already to uh, get to the train.


Already we find him walking...


in the main street and then he said don't rush there because the youngest one was waiting uh, in there. And the--when we get to that place already that train moved uh, out already. And I stayed in Prague and uh, from Prague uh, three month, three--two months later I went uh, back home to uh, with uh, that time he was my husband. And all the three girls stayed with uh, together in Prague too.

You went back home to find something?

Yes. We went back home. We know if we didn't see all the things, the crematorium, if we wouldn't working there and we know already there is nobody to uh, find. But we was figuring maybe, maybe the youngest brother he was so smart, maybe somehow they took him out from the line...


and put him in a children's camp.


Uh, but uh, we didn't hope to find anybody uh, alive. I know who was the youngest and my mother and father, they never came out alive.

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