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Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Attempt to Return Home

[interruption in interview]

Okay, okay you went home to Beregszász?

They said we're going home uh, the place where we uh, came uh, from. But the first uh, transport went home and the story came back to the camp, "Don't get rushed home because all the, all the..." How you call that uh, when you go on the highway, all the highway they're blowing up all the...


transport. Yeah, all the transport and one transport went, was going under the uh, how you call it...


The bridge blew up. And I don't know how many will get uh, hurt and dead. And they said that uh, "Don't get rushed." And we didn't rush so much to go. But I don't know if that's was true or not. But uh, when we get home they said it's true. One of the transport uh, truck was blown up. So we came to the second transport home and uh, the English one took us from uh, Celle we touched Hannover and then we came to uh, Czechoslovakia to Pilsen. From Pilsen they put us to the wagon uh, and the wagon 'posed to uh, go to uh, our hometown. First touched Budapest because there was Hungarian who belong you know, the hometown was Budapest and so and so.

Who organized this transport, was it the English?

Yeah sure, the English. And then uh, I didn't come, I didn't went home.

Oh, you didn't go home?


You separated from your sisters?

No, our sister was together because I had a boyfriend that time. I was engaged before the war. And uh, my boyfriend was in a Czech Army.


And they said that he's in Prague and he's looking for you because the transport was coming and he went out and they said there is two uh, girls. Uh, who you looking, I think they are the three who alive.


So he knows I was the middle, so must be I'm alive. So when we get in Prague uh, we left everything on the train because we don't know if we're going to find him or not. So me and my older sister went in Prague and the youngest was hold--staying in the train holding our big belonging.


Two loaf of bread and I think uh, we organize a coat. A little, nothing was there so should nobody steal it she had to stay there. And then sure enough we find...

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