Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Life Under Hungarian Rule

After you had to start wearing armbands, your life must have changed dramatically, uh. What were some of the other things that were imposed on you?

When the restriction and the armband, this was, I know, because we're marked already...

You were marked.

different people and we know uh, what kinda restriction. We was waiting uh, what other restriction they going to give uh you know, put on us, but uh, was enough with that armband and uh, the rest of them know already where the Jews should go.

Did you encounter more anti-Semitism when you started to wear the armband?

Yes, very much so.

Can you describe that?

Ah they start to uh you know, when you go on the main street or you go in a store. Uh, then you were so afraid just like a, a dog in a corner you know, you couldn't open your mouth. So you let the uh, other people go in, shop first. And then when they went out of the store, because you couldn't hear it, not the Jewish standing in the corner, look who's coming in. So there was all kinda remarks about uh you know, the Jews, the Jews. Nothing else you heard about it, just the Jews.

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