Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981


Now we stayed about three, four weeks there and I ima... I imagine the Russians start to get close again... closer again. And then again they broke us up and going, start going. They... Whatever is left of us, maybe about three, four thousand people, we start marching. And that was... I call that death march. That was horrible because by then lots of people were really weak and uh, no food and marching and, and we seen as we're marching uh, we seen on the side of the street people with their brains knocked out, because usually what they shot them right through the back of their head. And uh, I knew that I have... we have to march, I cannot stop because that's the end of it. Marching, marching. And then once in a while we stop for feeding. Once we stopped feeding, they gave us soup, hot water, really it was nothing in it and then some bread. No... Somehow I was selected to bring bread and to distribute to the boys. Now I took my, with another fellow, I took my blanket and we put in I think about ten or twelve piece of bread and as, going back to the group, I tried to steal a little bit here and there from the corner of the bread, put in my pocket... Not the whole bread but just clumps here and there, which you figure that it's, even if it's a handful, it's more than the other fellow. Not to take away from the other fellow, but you try to justify yourself. A half a crumb won't have nothing, but for, you know, two hundred crumbs have so little. Maybe twice we got bread. And we were marching for about three or four days and we arrived at, of a place so-called Gunskirchen G-U-N-T-Z and kirchen like a church, Gunskirchen. Now this was a brand new concentration camp built. Nobody was in there. The barracks was made up from wood and the, and the floor was nothing under huge, but it was, it was hardly finished. It was hardly finished. This was the middle of uh, in middle of a fo... forest, middle of a... away from the populace, deep in there.

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