Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Mauthausen 3

Do you remember the name of the, of a factory that was there? Was there a factory near there? The Hermann Goering Werke. It was the quarries, that...

The quarry.

You didn't work in the granite quarry...

No, no because...

...that was the main.

...it meant as main camp. They didn't have time to organize us or whatever it was. They, they didn't... There wasn't an execution going on, for natural, passing out like flies. It was, I would say about fifty percent of the people, uh... Every morning you get up, less and less people were staying alive.

Were you with all Hungarian Jews?

In that partic... Yes, we're all Hungarian there. Yes, we're all Hungarian Jews because it, this was, this cell was set up specifically for us. I don't know how efficient the Germans, maybe they give them two, three days notice that five, ten thousand people are coming and uh, they set it up there. Now also, I don't remember any specific which beside that incident what I told you about this German soldier, that they didn't take... People they took to hospital, maybe I heard some people took to hospital, but uh, never seen them back again. Hospital maybe, I didn't know what it meant then. Uh, we stayed there about for two or three or maybe even four weeks, I don't know, but it came close to it that... We tried to... I, myself, tried to preserve the energy to less movement to make, to sit in one place as much as possible and the portion what we get to get as much. And uh, as I told you, I still... I didn't have anything left or so, but this friend of mine, this uh, Polish Gentile boy for some reason he always bring him almost occasionally a piece of bread and uh, he shared part of, some, some of it with me. Very little and those, everything helped. But it was, it... I felt also, when I arrived to Mauthausen I was in pretty good shape. I didn't uh, lose any weight because... [interruption in interview]

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