Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Budapest 3

Uh, can, can we go back...


...to Budapest a little bit?


I, I... Can I ask you just a couple questions about...


Just to see if you have any recollection of a couple of names maybe. Did you, do you remember um, a Dr. Samuel Stern? The name...

Doesn't ring.

Do you remember when the Judenrat was formed? Were you there when the...

Yes, I was there when the Judenrat was formed, but uh, I was already taken away and I wasn't uh, really interested and, and it wasn't like... I, I didn't know what goes on outside.

And a Dr. Kastner?

Doesn't hit.

They were both from the... uh, members of the Judenrat.


When you were um, given orders uh, when they, when they instituted the law for wearing the yellow band and...


...the houses not be... How did you... How did they communicate the orders to you? Did you, did you...

Newspaper, radio...

Through the newspapers?


But it wasn't through any Jewish authorities? Or is it just the Germans then?

No, no, no it wasn't. It was the German authorities.

And you said there were Jewish police, as well?

Not in the... No, not in the...

Not in Budapest.

Not in Budapest.

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