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Larry Brenner - December 13, 1981

Incident in Fertorákos 2

By the way, also in that first night when he shot that fellow, the German, some original German soldiers came around he saw what happened there. And we had to go outside and to see because this guy told him he tried to escape. He tried to justify to the German officer, this Hungarian uh, German Volksmann that the reason why he shot him because he tried to escape. So, in order for... to see that what he's saying, he was uh, suspicious that someone from our barracks people were missing to because it goes on. And we had to go outside for uh, to, to count, a headcount.

An Appell.

An Appell, yeah. But... When always in Appell was always scared that some kind of a execution will go on because they, they have soldiers that always take the tenth person and they shoot the tenth person. And uh, everybody was positioning, don't know which way to start because sometime they start, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or sometime three, four, five. So, that was a shivering evening for us, very shivering evening.

This--the German officer--was this an SS man or a Wehrmacht officer?

Uh, SA. SA, but...

The German was SA.

The German was SA.

And the Hungarian.

The Hungarian Volk uh, soldiers they called them. But they were worse than the SA. They were worse.

So, the one who he was trying to justify the murder was, was SA.

No, the one was trying to justify this murder to the SA because the SS, "Why did you shot him?" He said, "Because he tried to escape."

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