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Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Reclaiming the Farmland

So you continued to live on the money.

Yeah, and then yeah, we didn't, we couldn't...

You couldn't work.

Yeah. They said, there was, came and ordered that who, people whose land was taken away they can go back and, and get fifty acres, no more. Re...regardless if they had fifty thousand or five thousand or five hundred, they can get fifty acres. So why again, come to anti-Semitism. And he, my husband went back, he had a thousand acres and he wanted to, he was entitled for fifty acres. And the peasants where he lived, one peasant helped him right, told him you can sit on this stool, remember?


Now, he went back to see what he can do with the, live on the fifty acres. They said we have very little land here. You can go and look around in the other, other part of the country. You can't get here.

He went to the officials or to the peasant?

To the, this was, the peasant were the officials, everybody was officials...

I see.

when the communism started.

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