Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Money 2

Um, so what happened now after the war? Your husband came back, you were all together now.

Yeah, in my sister's apartment.

And what did you do?

And then... What can you do?

But he still had money?

We still had money. Yeah, always. Some little money, always had. And he always. He, it was during, also, during all the time it was a Gentile person who helped us exchange gold for money.

I was going to ask.

A Gentile person, I remember.

And the money was never taken from you? The gold coins, you hid them or...?

Yeah, yeah. Sure. As I told you that, I told you that...

But the jewelry, you mentioned the jewelry, the gold coins were with it.

Yeah, yeah. What did you ask?

Well how did you...

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