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Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Talking About Experiences

But here's another instance of where...


he was a decent human being.

My whole story I was writing, you know, I wrote this in, during two or three years. On the copy I say one time I say that everybody was wonderful because if it wouldn't have been, we wouldn't be here.


Actual, it reflect there are many human beings, many, many. But when you start to say I still can't...

You still can't forgive the general...

No, no, no, no, never. I'm very bad, very, very angry that my son doesn't like it but I can't, I try not to emphasize it many times, we don't talk about experience. We never talk about it.

You never do.

Never, never. In the beginning he said I shouldn't talk even to the children they were too young. But now, then, then a few years ago he said, mother if you don't talk to the children, we die, they wouldn't know anything. So that's why I started to write it, that there should be some story about it, they should remember. A million things.

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