Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Helping Mother-in-Law 2

So, yes, so in other words, your husband confided in the guard that, that you were his wife.


And that you had come to tell him something.


And the guard was good enough not to report him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, he went to the major that my husband want to talk to him. And what, he wanted to tell him what happened to his mother...


and he would like to go out and help his mother because she's, she's too old, they shouldn't deport him, her.

This was the same major who had not punished him?


It was a different one?

This was a Hungarian major.

So what did the major do or say.

What did the major do? He was my husband, he wasn't supposed to be on the street either as a labor force worker. He gave, he gave her, he gave him the guard to go with the guard's protection to the house where my mother-in-law was and my husband went in and he told that her mother, his mother is seventy-two years old, they shouldn't deport her. And she was given to him and he took her back. They took her back to the place where they took her away.

So she survived?

Yeah, yeah.

She survived the war.

Yeah, but isn't that something?

But, yes, the major was German?

No, Hungarian.

Oh the major was Hungarian.


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