Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Peri Berki - December 9, 1983

Home Life

Um, can you describe a little bit of the home life? What was um, what kind of person your mother was, what kind of person your father was? You mentioned something interesting about your sister, how you thought your sister was compared to you.

Yeah, my mother was a real mother. She never had friends, she never had friends. She had her children, she took care of the house. She, she had always maid, we always had... In middle class, in Hun... In Europe, I guess, I just talk about Budapest, everybody had a maid, sleeping maid naturally.


And even we had a help, we had to bring our cleanings, wash... washer woman who washed our laundry and ironed the laundry. We always had help. But otherwise, we were a middle class people. We had, went to, I went to school and after school I worked in a bank, and my other sister worked also for a very famous economist. And my brother, he was in the army and when he was eighteen, and he was... He had been, he was nineteen in the First World War.

So you went to school, through high school and then you immediately...

Yeah, I graduated high school and then I went to work. And I worked in a bank for five and a half years. I had a very good job. And then later I got married.

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