Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Religious Practices

Then we decided before Pesach--Pesach's coming--to bake some matzah. We don't have any wood. We have the equipment because we used to have the equipment. We have... Before we leave uh, Nacha, there used to be the minyan in our house always, you know. And we took the sefter with us, and when we been in ghetto we, we keep the sefter too in the ghetto. And we used to have a minyan in our house. It wasn't legal. We used to come, just a few uh, people and, and daven. And not religious, but just to be a minyan. Anyway, and then uh, in 1942, they surrounded the ghetto in Radun. And they brought in any kind... lots of Germans and police uh, Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian, Latvian, any kind of police. And they used to say from the beginning, on account of the ??? of Chofetz Chaim, they're not going to be killed. Only if you tell the old stories uh, from other ghettos, they don't believe you anyway. The people don't believe it, what's happened that time.

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