Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Radun Ghetto

Then in 1941, before Rosh Hashanah, they heard one uh, to pick it up all the Jews and they bring them into the synagogue, into the marketplace. Well, I was in that town in Eišiškes and mine uh, birthplace was Nacha. It was seventeen kilometer. And I have a brother was living down there in that Eišiškes. And he has a, a little girl. I... As I said, I'm not going to wait 'til gonna cap... capture me. I just took--and I know exactly where to go uh, the, the ways where to go--I took and go around 'em with no disturbance and I walk away and I come to Nacha. To Nacha I have uh, my brothers and my sister. We was living there, for up 'til... And then I, we hear they killed all the Iskra people. They brought 'em to the synagogue. And was a marketplace, they uh, and they shoot 'em. It was uh, three days take to shoot 'em. And some people run away and then I came to, to Nacha and we was living, living in Nacha with my brothers. I think later, I think in November, I think, they make a ghetto, a shtetl in little town Radun. Radun is the place used to be the Chofetz Chaim, if you hear something.

Chofetz is freedom in Hebrew.

Chofetz is... Chofetz, yeah. Chofetz Chaim, that was a big uh, Jewish uh, rabbinical uh, school, a yeshiva.


And they make a ghetto down there. And that little town Nacha they brought in too, in that ghetto. And they left down there and we live in Radun in ghetto and we used to go to work in the woods, in the bushes, on the highways. And in, and in uh, lots of places, all over place, any kind of work. And we used to work all winter. So, sometime on the highways, sometime on, on the woods. And me and my brothers, we used to, to go mostly in the woods. And we used to come exactly in that, our birthplace, Nacha, to work in the woods. Was a, was a big uh, uh, wooden place called Natsher Pustshe. In, in Russian it's ??? And then the uh, we used to live down there.

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