Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Polish Citizenship

After the liberation uh, Jewish people up 'til 1939 who was a citizen of Poland is... have the right to go Poland because that part of Poland what they been by that time, they give away to Lithuania and to, to White Russia. In Poland they make another Poland. They took apart Poland a part of Germany, they make a Poland. You have the right to go to Poland. And he left to Poland. Another guy one time was uh, in shte... in the town Ushach. I don't know what he was doing. They put him in jail, ano... another fellow. They put him in jail and uh, he run away after... He was in jail in Vilna. He run away from jail and uh, he come in Ushach nobody want to let him in. Because they're afraid, I don't know why. They're afraid. Not even for something in Grodno. And they uh, told him he come with me down, down there. I come in, I saw him I was surprised. He said to me, "Abe, I don't have nowhere to go, I don't have no money, I don't have no home. I run away from jail and I couldn't go nowhere." I said, "Come with me." In fact, he come to me and I brought him home. First thing, we give him, my wife pour him water and everything, take, take a bath. Clean up himself, everything. And uh, he was sitting by me and was waiting. And uh, then was like the law was to go to Poland. I register him to go to Poland uh, because he was a citizen up to 1939, a Polish citizen, he had the right to go to Poland. And one time I was, like that time I was in Druskininkai, I was at the time Orany. And one fellow by the name ???--he's in New York--and he, he told me, he was a good student, not together with me. He was like not in the partisans, he was... And uh, he told me, I want to take revenge for my sister. Because one family down there kill uh, his sister and his brother and, and two kids and a niece, something like that. "If somebody would do it for me, the job, I would pay him." He, he thought I'm going to do it. I said, "No, I'm not going to do it." Later, I said, "I'll give it to you, a fellow. Maybe he going to do it." Okay. I uh, he offer a sum of money and then he give him a gun. I... first I ask him, and he said, "Yeah I'll do it." And naturally, I got more experience than him. And I told him what to do. And he didn't take my advice anyway. And he went down there with one gun and he killed all the family, I think six or seven or eight people, I don't remember exactly. And on the next day, was the paper ??? and he was on the train, he went to Poland. And a couple days later they arrested ??? and they called him and they questioned him, and this and this. And they couldn't find any evidence because everybody was killed from the family. And he went to Israel. He's in New York now. He moved from Israel to New York. I told you about that ??? that uh, one fellow got shot in the, in the woods for sleeping. The other one get shot uh, the other one shot him uh, here.

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