Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Polish Army 2

When I went down there, I was the only Jewish person down there. Then they find out, then a few guys ??? come over, we been together. Then was one fellow, I mentioned before uh, ??? And uh, he was working in Radun after the liberation in uh, Radun. And uh, they mobilize them and they sent 'em to the front. Sent to the front, he run away and he come to me. And he let me know, I say. And I was living right uh, between the police, in a, a building from the police. And he said, "Come over." I said, "Come over." He's afraid for the guard. I said to him, "You tell the guard you're going to me and they let you through." That's what happened. And he come to me and he told me the whole story. Then uh, say you'll get some work over here. Finally, they make him. He was a, some kind of... He got a post uh, in the fire department to supply the fire department with uh, food or everything, you know. Finally, one time, one... some kind of officer come to, from that Radun in Druskininkai in our place and they was talking about that ??? He went for, to Alytus to get some food and everything. And he start to ask questions. He heard the name ??? by the name, same name. "Who is that ???" he start asking. "Oh, that's..." Then one fellow was together he come to me and to my wife. I wasn't, I wasn't home. And he said to me, "We got to let you know that ??? no, not to come back over here." That's and that's what happened. They're waiting to him to get, to, to put their hands on them because he was a deserter. Finally my wife called him down there from Orany to Alytus, and she get in touch with him and she told him all the story. She said, "What shall I do with the food?" I said, "Sell it," I said, but I told, I told my wife, tell him to sell the food and get change of clothes and, and go any place else, anywhere he want. He did it this way. He sold the, the, the food what he have. Make a few dollars and he went in Vilna and they make for him papers by that time was, because was a law.

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