Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Burying Cows

Then there was a cemetery down there and the Germans was going to cut some grass for the horses uh, and, and somebody took a shot at the Germans. I see they're running. I feel so good they're running from a shot. Finally the town was burnt and lots of cattle was killed and burnt. And then the, the police, they call 'em that time ??? They... That's the police. They come and they want to get me to go to bury some dead cows. And that woman's brother, which uh, I saw it, but uh, I... She gave me the, the water, what I was staying by her. His wife thought they want to take me to uh, bury the, the cows, the dead cows. She thought, if they take me down there, they'll bury me too with the, with the cows together. And they gave me a shovel to go. And she said, "I'll go. Let him stay over here." She feeled they're going to kill me together. She said, "You stay. I'll go to bury the cows." They let me stay and she went down there. After they buried a few cows, they pull out from the houses the cows was on again. Then they come back. They couldn't pull out one cow--she was running, you know uh, in that place, over in a tight place. They come to ask me to help to pull out that dead cow. I went down there to help to pull out the cow and they dig out a big uh, uh, hole to throw it in, the cow and they find a gun that her brother... They... I told them to threw in the gun and bury it. Finally they threw it in, the gun, and buried it. And I come back. And I see I couldn't stay too long down there because finally they'll get me down there.

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