Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Attack on Partisan Camp

That was the first... the way your first brother was killed. Would you tell me how the other ones were killed besides the last...


...one that you told me?


Wife: The other one I can tell you.

No, I'll tell.

Wife: You tell?


Wife: Okay.

Then uh, when we was on that island, what I said, all surrounded, we hear like killings the Russians um, near to us and according they all kind of stuff. They uh, we found out some Jewish people they're living in Third Reich from that little town ??? and they, some were hiding in the woods, some were. And uh, we don't know where because in the woods it's very hard to find. Finally we decided it's not much room to, to look for us over here because the Germans and the AK, the Polish Underground was... that was against Jews. And uh, we decided to go in uh, Third Reich to find them Jewish people, to find them. We went, me and my brother. One was already uh, dead. And uh, we went down there and we start to look. If somebody told us directions. Finally we look on the kind of tracks and anything. We looked and we search maybe for close to a day in the woods. Finally we find 'em. We find 'em. They were surprised we, we find 'em. I said, "From a bushman you can't, you can't hide." I had lots of experience by that time already. We find them and then we coming back and we were going take everybody all the, the, our people what left and we'll go into Third Reich down there. We come back, we find all, everything's burnt. We find... We see that some... something what happened. Couldn't find nobody. Then we start to look around and we find dead people. I find my other brother and my cousin from that... two girls that were sleeping there. They killed seven people. I lost my brother, my cousin, and five more. And one was a fellow by the name of uh, ??? And when they uh, attack this, that place in the morning before daylight, uh, and that post was supposed to be on, on guard. He fell asleep and that's what happened. He fell asleep. He survived too. Then I find my brother, I find, when I find my brother, the head was like a, a cottonball, smashed up. All broken. And the rest she know better, because she was... and he was wounded in the stomach. And then we find tracks. She was wearing boots. When I saw the tracks in places and I figured she, she survived. She, she run away somewhere. She, she, she run, she run away, then we pick up the dead bodies and we buried them.

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