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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Death of Youngest Brother 2

He was waiting and waiting 'til they get, they get out. Then...

Wife: Waited I think about uh, three days.

Three days or four days. And then we sent a man again to take him out in someplace where we can get him.

Wife: On a field.

On a field. They figured out which place to, to bring him over. When we come down there, when he was screaming and yelling because, from pain. And they, my two brothers, older, they pick him up. And me and ano... and another few fellows we ambushed in case they gonna chase him. We ambushed them and we ambushed in the, the road and finally they brought him in. And we brought him in...

Wife: The woods.

...in the woods in a cave. And we undressed him and we saw... I saw the ways his leg was... I start to vomit, a stinking, and I saw it, it's not, he's not going to survive. And we that time, that night we went to make some kind of place to live.

Wife: In another place.

What I, what I saw it, that little island when met down there, when he died in her, her hands from, uh...



Wife: Yeah, it was gangrene, yeah.

I saw it, his leg. When he was, he was a fellow, very good dancer. My whole fist can go through to his leg. Uh...

Wife: He uh, I was beside him when he died and he talked to me to the last minute. And--my name is Lilly, and in Yiddish it's call Yidka--he said to me--you don't understand Jewish--and...

A little.

Wife: ...he said uh, "Don't go away, stay with me. Stay, don't go." And he started to mumble. And he died in my hand. This I'll never forget it. I saw a lot of tragedies. But this was... Really hurt me very, very deeply, the way he died in my hand. I was staying with him all night because uh, the rest of the people... Matter of fact, we sent a man for medicine. I even wrote uh, what to send. Oh, excuse me. And the one medicine arrived, it was too late. And when we buried him we made a--on the tree--we made a mark which had, if somebody survives maybe he'll take him out and bury him on, on the cemetery. But after we survived that was a very, very dangerous place. We couldn't go there.

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