Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Burying the Dead

Then when we were four brothers and we were registered, then the Judenrat pick us out when, pick us out to bury the people when the ghetto... It was surrounded, because lots of people tried to escape and they get shot and they was laying all over. Maybe about seventy or eighty people was laying around. And uh, they was uh, laying around to, to pick 'em up to bring in that same grave. Then pick it, they pick it out me and my three brothers and a cousin, and a, and a cousin. And then we start to... And they give us some horses, some wagons, and we put the, the dead people on the wagons and we brought 'em to that uh, to that grave there, same grave. Then some people uh, Gentile people, Poles uh, like Russians, they come to us because they know us. Said, "What are you waiting for? Run away. Run away." They said, by that time they feel sorry for us and they... Some feel sorry, some feel happy. Mostly they feel happy. And said, run away. We decided that time to, to run away. We run away in that same little town, Nacha, where was the big uh, woods, was uh, the area was uh, very familiar to us. All the, the villages and the people we know, mostly everybody.

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