Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982


We come out, me and my, and my brothers and the other people, we come out and uh, this... The Germans, they made a registration to register who supposed to uh, to, to leave. And then, then, there's how many is supposed to leave the, they said they're going to leave twenty families for working or something like that and they find lots more because they come out from the attics. Lots of people. Lots of people were still staying in the hiding. And we register. It was at night uh, just the first sundown and, and they don't finished. When they don't finish, then uh, they said on the next day they're going to finish the registration. And the next day they, then for the rest of us all right. Then when they don't finish, not register, they put 'em in, in a group, and they want to take 'em out to the, where they dig out the, the, the graves to, to shot 'em. There was one German woman down there was living. She, she been from the First World War. And they went here to intervene and she went to ask to the Gestapo to let 'em leave the, the Jews, the Jews. Finally she went down there where she uh, she talked to them. And that uh, Obermeister from the ghetto, "A shame," he said, "You stick up for Jews." And she succeed. They let to live. And then when they let 'em to live on the next day, they start to pull out some families and single peoples from hidings, any kind of hidings and shooting and all kind of stuff like that uh, the whole killing people.

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