Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Irving Altus - June 2, 1982

Pre-War Life

Let me ask you a little about...


...your life before the War. Could you describe your home town and how many Jews were in the town...


...how big was the town?

A little town named Czekanów in Poland. It was like 6,000 uh, 6,000 Jews.

And how many synagogues?

One synagogue in one Jewish uh, cheder.

Was your family religious or were they...

My, my parents were religious. Uh, me and my brothers not so.

Did you go to um, cheder and ???

Yes, I went to cheder and finished cheder.

And how about public school?


Did you...

I went to cheder and public school 'til I was uh, thirteen.

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