Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Irving Altus - June 2, 1982


This is Bernie Kent and I am interviewing Irving Altus on June 2, 1982.

My name is Irving Altus. I was born in Poland, August the fifteen, 1920. And uh, I was raised--my parents were poor. They had to work hard to make a living. 'Til I was uh, fourteen when I finished uh, school. I was only you know, no college or the high school--just seven classes. And then I went to work as a tailor and made very little--I couldn't even support myself 'til the war broke out. And the Nazis came in they lined up all the Jews. And in 1940 they took me and two of my friends right to a labor camp


...for no reason at all--before they took all other Jews.

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