Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Olga Adler - July 26, 1982


Well, it was uh, very rewarding, very interesting and I'm sure many people will benefit from it. Um, how did you spell your name before World War II?


And that's your last name?

That's right.

And your first name was always Olga?


Okay um, now, do you know what your citizenship number is by any chance?

My citizenship, no, but I can look it up because I have it upstairs ???

No, that's okay. That's all right, if you don't happen to know it, that's okay. Now do you uh, also do you happen to know anyone else who might be interested in...

Having this ???

having the interview, yes.

I had one friend who was, but she unfortunately just, a terrible thing happened ??? she got a heart attack.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's terrible, I was there with her. No, I really don't.

Okay. If you think of anybody you can give me a call, I'll leave you my phone number, okay. If you think of anybody later. And do you have any documents, papers or memorabilia? Anything that uh, you might have available for uh, the museum and the people would come by later and talk to you about. Maybe they could get a copy or something like that. Do you have anything that you would be able to...

I have just my pictures.

Just your pictures, okay.

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