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Olga Adler - July 26, 1982

Leaving Hungary 2

A big export-import furrier, the biggest in Czechoslovakia, he was their lawyer, I'd say the legal department. He was doing, he used to go out to shows to, to Paris and to ??? and all those places. And we lived in Prague. I had my little girl in Prague, my daughter, my older daughter. And uh, we waited in Prague, but that wasn't easy either because it constantly came the news that whoever is uh, comes from the part which is Russian part, they are going to send them back. And I'm standing, I remember standing on the balcony on the sixth floor where we lived and I told my husband—I was pregnant with my daughter—I said, if this happens I'm going to jump off this balcony because I'm not going to go through this again. And we got our visa. And we came out in June. In January my husband enrolled in the Detroit College of Law and studied four years, worked daytime at ??? Industries as an unemployment compensation manager and studied at night. And he got his law degree before he was a citizen with a special permit from the Dean of Detroit College of Law and honor roll.


And, and then finally he was assistant attorney general four years for the State of Michigan. And now he retired last year and he's doing private, some legal, with juveniles.

Sounds like he's a very accomplished man.

Yeah, and that he is. He spoke beautiful English when we came here. And, uh...

He speaks very beautiful English now.



It was a long story.

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