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Olga Adler - July 26, 1982


And um, how many schools did you have?

What kind? Regular schools?


Oh, we had, we had uh, naturally we, we had nursery schools and we had uh, elementary schools and we had gymnasiums, high schools. And we had, two kinds of high schools they have in Europe. One was a kind of a high school that you just finished four classes and you didn't have to go to more if you didn't want to. And there was another one, which was called gymnasium, which was a more higher...


education, required harder... Because when you graduated from there you could go to college...

I see, uh-huh.

from the other one you couldn't go to college, you know.

You mentioned your brother was a...

Oh yes, my brother finished uh, graduated and uh, then he worked in a bank because times were not very good anymore.


And my sister graduated and she went to college in Pres... Presburg, which was Slovakia at that time, because we were Czechoslovakia.


And I was in the sixth grade of the high school when the Hungarians came in. And then the Hungarians came in, Jewish girls couldn't go to school anymore, you know. So, that's when the trouble started really.

And uh, did you have any uh, what about religious schools? Did you have any religious schools?

Oh, well, we had religious schools, but as I say, that... We were a very nice conservative Jewish family...


but not too much. My brother had a bar mitzvah, I know, but he was probably privately.


I remember back a young man coming and teaching my brother for the bar mitzvah. And I remember that the bar mitzvah ??? some when high school professor was there. But we didn't go to religious school because we had... Anyways, we had in our high school, we had religious hour.


You know, the Catholics had then, we had that empty hour and we could go and ice skate or whatever you wanted to do. And then we had an hour of uh, Jewish education and then the other kids could go wherever they wanted to go.

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