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Olga Adler - July 26, 1982


Yeah. Okay now um, how many synagogues were in your community?

There was one main synagogue, which was... In Europe, I think the Orthodox was... Portuguese was the, the ??? was the most, more religious or the Orthodox more religious in Europe, I don't remember.

What's that?

The, there was two kinds of Orthodox and ??? we called it. I don't know how you...

??? I haven't heard or ???

??? that's, that's...


I don't know if, which one was uh, more religious.


I don't know, but I know that we had a beautiful big temple in the main street where my father had a seat. You know, in Europe we had to buy a seat. Every year they had to pay like I, I remember like about six hundred pound or something and then you had your own seat there. And...

And you went to an Orthodox synagogue.

That's what I, I don't know which one is the least uh, less religious. There were no uh, Reform.

Oh, okay.

You know.


It was just a Hasidic Jews because we had some Hasidic Jews who came down from Poland, but that was the real Hasidics.


And then you had one synagogue, which was just, just less conservative and the other one was more religious. So, I don't know how you...

Which synagogue did you go to, the Conservative one?

The, the conservative.



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