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Miriam Brysk - February 7, 2004


Miriam Brysk was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1935. Following the German invasion of Poland, Miriam and her family moved to Lida, Belarus, which was her father's hometown. When Lida was turned into a ghetto, her father, a surgeon, was forced to treat Germans at the local hospital. On May 8th, 1942, Germans massacred most of the residents of the Lida ghetto, but Miriam and her family narrowly escaped death. After returning to the ghetto, the Jewish partisans contacted Miriam's father, requesting his assistance as a surgeon. The family joined the partisans in the Lipiczanska forest, where Miriam was passed off as boy for her safety.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life in Warsaw
  3. Religious Life
  4. Start of War
  5. Life of Father
  6. Going to Lida
  7. Life in Lida
  8. Discussing Photographs of Family
  9. Life Under German Occupation
  10. Jews of Vilno
  11. Escaping Death
  12. Being Separated from Parents
  13. Joining the Partisans
  14. Life with the Partisans
  15. Being Separated from Father
  16. Mother Falls Ill
  17. Creating a Hospital
  18. Conclusion

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