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Miriam Brysk - February 7, 2004

Discussing Photographs of Family

Is this family?


Tell me who these people are.

This is my mother when she was young, very young. This is my aunt Ala, her parents and my uncle Sevek.

Well, these are beautiful.

You're right. To me photos are treasures. In fact, I'm, I'm making copies for all family members and then I'm giving the originals to the Holocaust Museum, because when people die, people--kids won't know what they are and they'll throw them out and they might as well be remembered.

Could you forward these to me?

Sure, they're, they're, they're--I'll make a, I'll make a CD out of them.


But I just wanted to familiarize you with--and this was in 1939 at my birthday--my birthday cake. My mother, my father, me, my aunt Ala and her husband Tadek. My uncle came from America, my uncle Henry and my grandparents.

And what month?

This was in, in March of...


...1939. Just uh, [pause] and this was also, I think, taken in 1939. Yeah. This is my, my, my father holding me in his arms. My mother, my uncle--aunt and uncle, Ala and her husband Tadek. My uncle Sevek. My grandparents and my grandma Chana Liba.

This is in Warsaw.

This is in Warsaw.

What wonderful photographs.

I'm just showing you a few so that you can become familiarized with the [pause] uh, [pause] This is an earlier picture when my father was in medical school, and his mother Chana Liba, and some of the relatives in Lida. Are you ok?


Ok. I just wanted to show you a few of the pictures just to give you...

Well we'll put them up, you know, doing, we have a link with the interview, that when you talk about the birthday...

Sure. Yeah, yeah.

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