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Michael Weiss - August 9, 1995


Born in Kascony, Czechoslovakia, Michael Weiss chronicles his experiences under the Czechoslovakians, Hungarians, and Germans, both prior to and during, the Second World War. Mr. Weiss and his family were shipped to the Hungarian ghetto of Beregszasz (Berehovo) in 1944. From Beregszasz, the family was deported to Auschwitz, where his mother was gassed by the Germans. From Auschwitz, Weiss and his father were sent to Buchenwald and then on to Zeitz, located approximately fifteen miles south of Leipzig in Central Germany.

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  1. Pre-War Life
  2. Religious Life
  3. Annexation by Hungary
  4. Hungarian Rule
  5. Arrival of Germans
  6. The Beregszasz Ghetto
  7. Transport to Auschwitz
  8. Arrival in Auschwitz
  9. Auschwitz
  10. Buchenwald
  11. Reflections on Religion
  12. Zeitz
  13. Kaddish for Family
  14. Post-War Life

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