Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Water - 1982


Martin Water was born in Łódź, Poland. In September 1939, he and his family fled to Warsaw. Food was scarce in Warsaw and so Martin traveled alone back to Łódź to buy food and was trapped inside the ghetto. He worked at the ghetto's shoe factory until 1944 when he was taken to Auschwitz. While in Auschwitz, he volunteered to join a work detail at Gleiwitz IV and was later transferred to Blechhammer. POHSurvPage.aspx?svid=366

  1. Introduction
  2. Being Taken to Auschwitz
  3. Life in Auschwitz
  4. Forced Labor
  5. Winning Favor with Kapo
  6. Witnessing Killings
  7. Hygiene and Illness in Camp
  8. Being on Death March
  9. Positive Thinking
  10. Family
  11. Work in the Ghetto
  12. Standing Up to the Authorities
  13. Biebow and Rumkowski
  14. Conclusion

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