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Esther Posner - March 11, 1986


Esther Posner was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 11, 1937. After the German invasion, Esther and her family were forced to live in the Amsterdam Ghetto, but were able to contact the Dutch underground. They were hidden by several families in Enschede and Delden for the duration of the war until the Netherlands was liberated by the Allies.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Religious Life
  4. Life Under German Occupation
  5. Life Under German Occupation II
  6. Being Held at the Schouwburg Theater
  7. Being Held at the Schouwburg Theater II
  8. Being Held at the Schouwburg Theater III
  9. Life in Amsterdam Ghetto
  10. Escaping Transport
  11. Contacting the Dutch Underground
  12. Going into Hiding
  13. Staying Hidden
  14. Life in Hiding
  15. Life in Hiding
  16. Passing as a Gentile
  17. Passing as a Gentile II
  18. Relationship with Dutch Family
  19. The Dutch Underground
  20. Being Held at the Schouwburg Theater IV
  21. Hiding from Nazis
  22. Relationships with Rescuers
  23. Being Separated from Parents
  24. Sharing Story
  25. Underground Families
  26. Hiding at a Widow's Store
  27. Hiding at a Widow's Store
  28. Nearly Being Discovered
  29. Nearly Being Discovered
  30. Moving to Delden
  31. Life in Delden
  32. Waiting for Liberation
  33. Conclusion

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