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Rene Lichtman - August 13, 1998


Born in Paris, France in 1937, Rene is the only son of Polish immigrants who arrived in France in the 1930s. Rene's father joined the French Army shortly before the outbreak of World War Two. After the German invasion of the Benelux countries in May 1940, his father was killed in action just outside of Paris in Compiégne. After the fall of France, Rene's mother sent to him to stay with a family in the countryside and it was there that he was kept hidden from the Germans for the remainder of the war and his mother went into hiding in Paris in 1942. Although Rene and his mother survived the war, most of his maternal and paternal family members in Poland were murdered by the Germans. In 1950, Rene's mother married an American Orthodox Jew and the two moved from France to Williamsburg, New York. An audio interview from 1992 is also available: OCLC# 45257583.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Le Vert Galant
  3. Death of Father
  4. Mother in Hiding
  5. Life on Farm
  6. Catholicism
  7. Reflections on Two Families
  8. Other Children in Hiding
  9. The Germans
  10. Anne Lepage
  11. Step-Father
  12. American Soldiers
  13. Ring
  14. Reflections on Time in Hiding
  15. Mother's Experience
  16. Awareness of Being Jewish
  17. Awareness of the Holocaust
  18. America
  19. Changes in Mother
  20. Mother's Relationships
  21. Yizkor Book
  22. Mother's Family
  23. Post-War Life in Paris
  24. Father
  25. Connections to Father
  26. Identity
  27. Experience of Being a Hidden-Child
  28. Reflections on the Lepage's
  29. Activities
  30. Family
  31. Influence of Holocaust

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